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Folltropin-V Rx-

Folltropin-V Rx-
Folltropin FSH

Highly purified lyophilized FSH from porcine pituary glands.

Dosage: The typical application for mature female cattle (no Brahman influence) having no prior superovulation history is a decreasing dose injection schedule of 2 times daily over 4 days, consuming all 400mg/20ml.
Formulation: Each 20ml single dose vial contains FSH equivalent to 400mg of NIH-FSH-P1.
Prescription Pharmaceutical. Requires a valid prescription form Send your prescription form to Agtech or fax 785-776-4295

Only available for purchase in the United States. This product can only be shipped within the United States and is not available for export by directive of the manufacturer. 

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