André Dayan

Ovum Pickup Instructor

André Dayan holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine at the University Paulista (1994) and Master's degree in the Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (2008). He has experience in Veterinary Medicine, with an emphasis on Biotechnology Applied to Animal Reproduction. He's studied at FGV MBA in Strategic Planning for Service Providers Business . André was also Chairman of Vitrogen Group, with active operations in eight countries. While there, he developed a project for animal welfare setting up a metallurgical company for production of equipment for animal handling (Silencer). While Vice President of the FIP-USA he was responsible for structuring the company in Denver - CO . André is currently executing WTA's international expansion project through WTA Technologies, LLC located in College Station – TX and by training veterinarians and cattle breeders in OPU technology.