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Agtech Bovine Embryo Transfer School
“Outstanding E.T. course that teaches the elements of the technique in only 3 days. Highly recommended.”
— Dr. Pat Dunne,
La Grange, TX

“I learned so much because we actually got to perform everything we learned. The fact that we were able to do everything repeatedly helped me learn faster. Thank you so much, I had a wonderful time and learned so much!”
—Jenna Smith,
Martinsburg, PA

“My expectations were exceeded with the knowledge and professionalism of the staff, facility and equipment. I feel you have this class coordinated very well. I cannot think of anything you could do different to make it better.”
—Bryan Harris,
Spout Spring, VA

“The other school I attended had 8-10 people in it and there was never enough time to be talked through certain situations. I feel after taking this class that I will be more comfortable in the lab.”
—Stephen McDonald,
Navasota, TX

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Agtech Bovine Embryo Transfer School
Agtech Bovine Embryo Transfer Training
Agtech Bovine Embryo Transfer School



Complete Bovine Embryo Transfer Class

The staff at Agtech is proud to offer 3 days (26 hours) of comprehensive, hands-on instruction designed specifically for dairymen or ranchers wanting to perform embryo transfer for themselves, on their own cattle. Agtech's detailed training class also provides the large animal veterinarian with the knowledge and skills essential for successfully incorporating embryo transfer service into his/her practice. Once the course is completed you will have all the information necessary to perform embryo transfer. The class is easily completed in 3 days because your time is spent learning procedures in a modern, efficient facility. The class does not consume instruction time mixing media that are readily available for purchase nor washing inexpensive disposable supplies for re-use.

You must be experienced and highly competent in cattle artificial insemination to take the embryo transfer course. Please do not enroll in the AI class and ET class consecutively. Taking an AI class is not the same as having experience and being competent in AI. Agtech makes this a prerequisite so the class flows as a unit from demonstration to practice to competency. The instructor's time is spent solely on teaching embryo transfer which gives you the most complete learning experience.

Many non-veterinarians have asked if they can start an embryo transfer fee-for-service business after taking Agtech's class. Please recognize that the class is not intended as a business course. Agtech's class teaches the skills needed to perform embryo collection, grading, freezing, thawing and transferring.
From a legal basis, each state has regulations and laws specifying whether non-veterinarians can practice embryo transfer for a fee. It is in your best interest to contact your local veterinary board about such laws.
We also encourage you to view the AETA web site (American Embryo Transfer Association) regarding their certification program. Agtech believes it is in the best interest of the embryo transfer industry to have only highly skilled individuals performing embryo transfer for a fee. Agtech's class is the first step in your efforts to become proficient at embryo collection, grading, freezing and transferring.

Graduates of the class can potentially receive 26 continuing education hours. All classes are held at the Agtech Reproduction Education Center in Manhattan, Kansas.

Agtech Bovine Embryo Transfer School
Synchronized cattle are palpated directly by you for learning how to isolate ovaries and identify ovarian structures. Live animals are also used for practice in catheter placement and fluid recovery. You will be provided with five “donors” on which to learn embryo collection procedure. Donors are collected to allow you exposure to all embryo stages commonly encountered in a commercial embryo transfer environment. Agtech also provides you with hundreds of good quality IVF “practice” embryos allowing extensive manipulation, grading and freezing practice. Microscopes and freezers used in the class are brand new and state-of-the-art.

What You Will Learn

• How to flush, search, manipulate and classify embryos.
• Procedure for loading embryos into straws for freezing or transfer.
• How to freeze, thaw and transfer embryos.


After registering for the class, you will receive Agtech’s "Cattle Embryo Transfer Procedure" book and companion DVD, which you are encouraged to view before attending class. Knowledge acquired through the book and dvd allows you to benefit the most from the class.

Agtech is a full-line provider of professional embryo transfer equipment and supplies, which provides students of the class the opportunity to purchase new equipment at a substantial discount off retail prices. You will also receive a 10% discount on your first supply order when mentioning you are a class graduate, as well as Free unlimited telephone technical support after the class.

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