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Superior Design Y-junction Tubing




Rapid-Flow™ y-junction tubing provides superior performance. Designed to overcome the limitations of other y-junction tubing. It has a more rigid filter connector and the catheter adapter slips easily on to catheter sizes 14fr to 38fr. The easy open pouch rips open quickly without the need for scissors.

Agtech Rapid-Flow™ Y-junction tubing

  • Fits all foley catheter sizes with easy on, easy off catheter tip.
  • Rigid collar mates easily to your filter.
  • Each 5ft tubing arm includes pinch clamp.
  • Radiated, individually packaged.
  • The filter connector is reinforced and rigid to give you a better grip. Mates fast and easy to your filter with no buckling or bending.
  • The smooth catheter adapter assures catheters will slip on easily. Elimates the need for two people to set up a flush.
  • Spike fits snug into your 1 or 2 liter embryo flushing medium outflow port. Large push plates provides better grip and pushes easily into outflow port.

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