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Agtech, Inc is the Factory Authorized Service Coordinator for Cryologic's Freeze Control® liquid nitrogen freezers.




If you need your system calibrated or if you are expericing problems we coordinate the shipping and service with CryoLogic.
All systems are serviced by CryoLogic technicans at the factory in Australia.

You won't be left without a system while yours is being serviced. Agtech offers loaner systems for use while yours is away.

 We do not require any upfront payment, or long term service contract. All you pay for is the services and repairs absolutely needed as determined by Freeze Control’s factory engineers in Australia. 

Just sign up with our service reminder program and let us know when your lowest freezer use period is. We’ll send you out a reminder and have you ship your system to us. We send your system to be serviced and ship it back to you in a timely manner.  Most calibration and repair turnaround times take about 2 weeks. If you can’t be without your system that long, Agtech has complete loaner systems, and accessories available. All you need to do is pay the shipping to and from your location along with a small, refundable security deposit

Contact us about having your system serviced or about setting up a service reminder schedule.

Tom Patterson

800.367.4016 ext. 1

+785.776.3863 ext 1

Email: Tom Patterson

or use the Contact us form


Ready to upgrade your CryoLogic Freeze Control Freezer?

 Agtech will assess the value of your current system, and apply that trade in value towards the purchase price of a new freezer. It’s a great way to utilize the equity you have in your existing Freeze Control unit to upgrade to a newer one.

 Give us a call to find out what we can do for you 800.367.4016 ext. 1 or 785.776.3863 ext. 1