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Agtech Vortech Silicone Catheters 23" long- 22fr 30cc

Agtech Vortech Silicone Catheters 23" long- 22fr 30cc
Multiple off-set eyelets (more than any other on the market) mean less chance of a clogged catheter due to mucus and endometerial tissue occluding the eye holes. The Vortech's long length, 23 inches, simplifies horn flushing large, deep cows with heavy tracts.

* A stylet tip pocket surrounds and guards the stylet reducing chances of uterine trama.
* 6 large eyelets allow you to collect faster.

Vortech™ silicone catheters are destined to be the number one bovine embryo collection catheter on the market. Faster, easier flushing and more convenient than any other catheter available.
"I was using AB tech catheters before, but these are just as comparable and I like that they're silicone. I like 6 ports they don't get clogged. Recovers well, balloon inflates evenly and there isn't any blockage from uneven balloon expansion. Right length - nice catheter, economical for flushing. Definitely 6 ports are nice for recovery you don't have to worry about them getting blocked. Real nice catheter, sound and dependable."
Vince Collison DVM, Collison Embryos

Don't forget to order Agtech stylets made specifically for use with the Vortech™ Silicone Catheters.
SKU E107
Weight 0.25 lbs
Eyelets/ports 6 eyelets
Length 23 inches
Autoclavable Yes
Sterile Yes
Our price: $10.95
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10+ Items $10.50
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