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Agtech Zona Filter

Agtech Zona Filter

Embryo flush filter and OPU filter

The Agtech Zona Filter is a proven filtration device for successful collection of bovine and equine embryos and oocytes.

It’s a low cost alternative that equals the performance of the EmCon filter.

  • Tethered cap on the inflow port to securely seal post flush.
  • Pinch clamp or tethered cap for regulating fluid outflow.
  • 120ml capacity
  • 75 micron Stainless Steel Screen.
  • Compare to the EmCon Filter
Weight 0.50 lbs
Media capacity 120ml
Filter Stainless steel 75 micron
Our price: $11.50
Quantity Price
20-99 Items $10.50
100+ Items $9.50
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