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Agtech Rapid Flow Y Tubing

Agtech Rapid Flow Y Tubing
  • New non-kinking tubing.
  • Radiated, individually packaged
  • Each 5ft (152cm) tubing arm includes a color coded pinch clamp.
  • Spike end mates to 1 liter and 2 liter embryo medium bags. Spike fits snug into your 1 or 2 liter embryo flushing medium outflow port. Large push plates provides better grip and pushes easily into outflow port.
  • Catheter end mates to bovine and equine catheters.The smooth catheter adapter assures catheters will slip on easily. Elimates the need for two people to set up a flush. Fits all foley catheter sizes with easy on, easy off catheter tip.
  • Rigid collar mates easily to your filter.The filter connector is reinforced and rigid to give you a better grip. Mates fast and easy to your filter with no buckling or bending. Filter end mates with all filters listed in the store.
Weight 0.40 lbs
Our price: $6.50
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20-99 Items $5.95
100+ Items $5.50
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