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BioLife 'Advantage' Complete Flush- 2 liter, bag

BioLife 'Advantage' Complete Flush- 2 liter, bag
Flush Media BioLife
  • Recommended for embryo recovery in bovine and equine.
  • Complete, ready-to-use medium. No need to add serums or antibiotics. No refrigeration required.
  • Crystal clear, sterile medium produced to Agtech's exacting standards.
  • Includes an injection port.

Complete, ready to use solution utilizing PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) for the necessary surfactant properties attributed to serum and BSA, while eliminating the concern for serum traceability and the associated health status of the serum donor. Sterile filled in the USA into state-of-the art, 2000ml  bags. The bags are technologically superior for maintaining critical pH and osmolity of the embryo collection medium. Zero leaching of extractables, zero pH shift, superior cell growth characteristics. Agtech's bag is vapor and gas tight and certified non-toxic. Bag seams are radio-frequency welded for superior seam strength, an important requirement for transcontinental shipping and field use.
Compare BioLife's lower cost with EVM015A ViGro Complete Flush Medium or IC23 Emcare Ultra Flush Medium.
Formulation: D-PBS (1x liquid) with D-glucose, sodium pyruvate, PVOH, gentamycin and kanamycin. Store at 15-25C, room temperature.

"“I have flushed a $100,000 mare using your products. I have worked with many donor cows with progeny values upwards of $300,000 on which I have used your products. You have great customer service and fast shipping.”
Dr. Richard Geary, Countryside Veterinary Clinic, Saint Anthony, ID


Weight 5.00 lbs
Packaging 2 Liter
Bags EVA bag
Ready to Use Yes
Surfactant PVOH
Our price: $30.00
Quantity Currently on Back Order
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