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Complete Bovine Embryo Transfer Class

Complete Bovine Embryo Transfer Class
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The staff at Agtech is proud to offer 3 days/26 hours of comprehensive, hands-on instruction designed specifically for dairymen or ranchers wanting to perform embryo transfer for themselves, on their own cattle. Agtech’s detailed training class also provides the large animal veterinarian with the knowledge and skills essential for successfully incorporating embryo transfer service into his/her practice. Once the course is completed you will have all the confidence necessary to perform embryo transfer. Course prerequisite: Students must be experienced and competent in cattle artificial insemination; a minimum of 300-400 breeding services per year. Graduates of the class can potentially receive 26 continuing education hours. All classes are held in the climate controlled Agtech Reproduction Education Center in Manhattan, Kansas. Price is for course tuition only.

Synchronized cattle are palpated directly by you for learning how to isolate ovaries and identify ovarian structures. Live animals are also used for practice in catheter placement and fluid recovery. You will be provided with five “donors” on which to learn embryo collection procedure. Donors are collected to allow you exposure to all embryo stages commonly encountered in a commercial embryo transfer environment. Agtech also provides you with hundreds of good quality IVF “practice” embryos allowing extensive manipulation, grading and freezing practice. Microscopes and freezers used in the class are brand new and state-of-the-art.

What You Will Learn

• How to flush, search, manipulate and classify embryos.
• Procedure for loading embryos into straws for freezing or transfer.
• How to freeze, thaw and transfer embryos.
• Synchronization & Donor/Recipient management.
• Proper completion of embryo transfer paperwork and documentation using IETS guidelines.



After registering for the class, you will receive Agtech’s "Cattle Embryo Transfer Procedure" book and a link to watch the online video, which you are encouraged to view before attending class. Knowledge acquired through the book and video allows you to benefit the most from the class. 

Agtech is a full-line provider of professional embryo transfer equipment and supplies, which provides students of the class the opportunity to purchase new equipment at a substantial discount off retail prices. You will also receive a 10% discount on your first supply order when mentioning you are a class graduate, as well as Free unlimited telephone technical support after the class.

Cancellation Policy:
Should you be unable to attend the class for any reason, please contact Agtech as soon as possible. If your cancellation is confirmed by Agtech more than 30 days prior to the class start date, 100% of your registration fee will be refunded. Cancellation confirmation includes speaking to your sales rep, or receiving a returned email or fax acknowledging cancellation.

Please understand that due to fixed costs and obligations associated with providing the class, no refunds or fee transfers (rollovers to a later date) can be issued for cancellations within 30 days of the class start date.

If you would like to take the class on another date, please complete the registration process with your new date of attendance and your payment information.
Manhattan, Kansas is the only location where Agtech E.T. Classes are held.


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Ty Williams, Lubbock, TX
    “John is very helpful in walking you through each step. The hands-on approach is a great way to learn the techniques.
    Tom is a great help in getting the supplies you need. I feel like I can go home and flush cows successfully.”
  • Author: Dr. Ernesto Rodis, Phoenix,
    “The class was far superior then my expectations. If feel confident ET can be accomplished on my ranch. Dr. John Curtis is a superior and patient teacher.”
  • Author: Mickey Caywood, Lexington, OK
    “Very informative, from start to finish, lots of individual attention. Introduced to everything I needed to know. I feel I can now improve our herd in a more cost effective way. Also, as I become more efficient, I think it will open some doors for future employment.”
  • Author: ADV. Leon Vorster, Sasolburg, South Africa
    “Hands-on was achieved without a doubt. Theory alone would be totally ineffective.
    I will be able to flush my own cows and transfer with confidence. I will be able to freeze and thaw with confidence. Ease of mind to be able to have access to products and knowledge.
    I appreciated the very outstanding and supportive attitude and a willingness to share technical information, insight and knowledge.”
  • Author: Dr. Michael Storlie, Northwoods Vet Service, Wittenberg, WI
    “Everything was beneficial, most beneficial would be the ability to actually flush 4 cows. I think 3 days is the perfect length of time. I would start to lose interest if it were longer. Very in-depth course with a lot of hands on experience. Very helpful and patient instructor. I feel very comfortable flushing cows, freezing, thawing and transferring embryos. I would certainly recommend this course in the future to anyone interested in ET. Everyone at Agtech was very friendly and helpful. Nice to have smaller group of students because it felt like there was adequate one-on-one instruction.”
  • Author: Nancy Schleining, Schleining Genetics, Ault, CO
    “It was beneficial to look at specific stage of embryos to compare them to the type of embryos we want to transfer.
    3 days was long enough for the class. There isn’t much else that we need assistance on, just practice. If you really want to learn ET, Agtech will teach you everything you need to know. Dr. Curtis has had many years of experience that give added benefit to the class.
    The DVD is a great overview for the class. When you get to the class you are up to speed on things you will be practicing.”
  • Author: Todd Schafer, Music Meadow Farm, Kingfisher, OK
    “Learning to grade embryo is a huge benefit. Also proper freezing steps, proper placement of the catheter and proper placement to release embryos in the recipient were all beneficial.
    I believe 3 days is enough time to cover all areas of embryo transfer. Having AI experience made it easier for me to learn embryo transfer.
    This is an excellent way for a farm to increase their profit."