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4 Well Dish, Embryo Safe, Agtech "Solution"

4 Well Dish, Embryo Safe, Agtech "Solution"


The Agtech "Solution" 4 well dish

The 4 well dish is a embryo safe, sterile, 4 well dish manufactured in compliance with FDA standards


MEA 1 cell mouse embryo assay

HSSA Human sperm survival assy

ENDO USP endotoxin standard <0.5 EU/ml

Features of the 4 well dish:

  • Functional design & dimensions identical to NUNC 4 well

  • Sterile, 15mm diameter, 10mm deep holds 1.9ml/well, flat bottom

  • Popular for holding and washing embryos

  • Raised well rims lower risk of cross contamination

  • Compare to the NUNC 4 well
  • 4 dishes per pack

The manufacturer of the 4 well dish strictly follows ISO guidelines for quality control.
Quality Certification ISO9001:200
Sterilization Irradiation ISO13485

The use of embryo toxicity certified plastic-ware is essential for optimum embryo viability. (Lane,Mitchell, Kashman, Feil, Wakefield, & Zander-Fox, January 2008).
At a minimum,plasticware should be bioassay certified for the one-cell mouse embryo assay (Tucker & Jansen, 2002). Additional levels of confidence are achieved by HSSA (human sperm survival assay) certification and also low-level endotoxin certification. The Agtech Solution 4 well dish carries all three certifications



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