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I got into plenty of cows in the time allowed and learned additional info rather than just getting a straw past the cervix.
Trevor Birky Apr 4, 2017
Two days doesn't seem like a lot of time to cover all you need to know for AI. But Jon is such a knowledgable instructor that I feel we covered everything without rushing & always had time to stop & discuss questions. I left feeling comfortable going home to use what I learned on my cows.
Kelly Martin Sep 16, 2016
For me, learning the A.I. technique, semen handling and the ability to practice on open cows were the most beneficial parts of the A.I. class.
Also, having Jon Herrick as a resource for years to come will be a great addition to my network of industry leaders.
Jon is a great instructor with real world experience. It's easy to tell he has a passion for helping people learn and improve their operations.
Ben Williams Feb 10, 2016
The AI class is very informative and provides an excellent hands-on section for students. The small class size gives students more time with the cattle and Jon Herrick is an awesome instructor, guiding and correcting each student attentively.
Nicole Noga Jan 5, 2016

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