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Vortech™ Silicone Catheters

Agtech has developed an exciting new catheter designed to allow you to flush faster and with fewer clogs. The Vortech™ silicone catheters are 100% sterile medical grade silicone allowing you to use them right out of the package and then autoclave for multiple uses. Vortech™ silicone catheters have been field tested and proven to stand up to multiple flushes.

Bovine Catheters


Multiple off-set eyelets (more than any other on the market) mean less chance of a clogged catheter due to mucus and endometerial tissue occluding the eye holes. The Vortech's long length, 23 inches, simplifies horn flushing large, deep cows with heavy tracts.

  • A stylet tip pocket surrounds and guards the stylet reducing chances of uterine trama.
  • 6 large eyelets allow you to collect faster.

Vortech™ silicone catheters are destined to be the number one bovine embryo collection catheter on the market. Faster, easier flushing and more convenient than any other catheter available.

Don't forget to order our new Agtech stylets made specifically for use with the Vortech™ Silicone Catheters.

Vortech™ Silicone Bovine Catheters

23" long, Sterile Available in 5cc or 30cc balloon.
French sizes 14fr to 22fr.
14fr 5cc  (# E112)
16fr 5cc  (# E100)
16fr 30cc (# E101)
18fr 5cc   (# E102)
18fr 30cc (# E103)
20fr 5cc   (# E104)
20fr 30cc (# E105)
22fr 5cc   (# E106)
22fr 30cc  (# E107)

Equine Catheters


The Vortech's open end and 4 large off-set eyelets allow for faster and more efficient delivery and recovery of fluid.

  • Large bore slit in balloon for quicker inflation and deflation with water or air.
  • Sterile and autoclavable for your convenience. 100% pure medical grade silicone.

Vortech™ Silicone Equine Catheters

34" long, Sterile
Available in 80 cc balloon. 
French sizes 28fr, 32fr and 36fr
28fr 80cc balloon (# E108)
32 fr 80cc balloon (# E109)
36fr 80 cc balloon (# E110)

To place an order for the Vortech™ Silicone Catheters
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Call: 800.367.4016 or 785.776.3863