Here you can find answers to your frequently asked questions about Agtech’s products, policies and services. If you have a question you don’t see answered below, please contact us.

FDA regulations require you, and you alone to contact and obtain an RX form. This ensures that a valid client-patient relationship exists with you and your vet. Agtech will under no circumstances contact your veterinarian to obtain an RX form on your behalf.

Download the Prescription Form

Orders placed via phone at or before 2:30 PM CST should ship the same day (noon for the online store). Order shipping depends on the volume of orders being processed through our warehouse. During our seasonal high volume times some orders may ship the next business day. Please plan accordingly! If you have an emergency order that must ship the same day, please call into the office to confirm product availability and to coordinate when your order will ship out. We do our very best to make sure that emergency orders are filled and shipped the same day whenever possible!

  • AI training workshops are offered 6 times per year. Anyone can enroll via the website ; no prior experience required. It is a 2 day course.


  • ET training workshops are offered 2 times per year. Each student must send email enrollment form via the website and be vetted by Mr. Tom Patterson. Applicants must be breeding between 300-400 animals every year. The workshop is approximately 26 hours over a 3 day period. It is limited to 4 students each time.

Some of the products are refrigerated and it is not recommended they stay in transit for more than 2 days. Using the UPS map you can determine if UPS ground reaches you in 2 days or less. If it does not you will need to select UPS 2nd day for your shipping method.

If you’re not an experienced breeder at the time you take the A.I. training, you won’t be ready to take the embryo transfer class immediately afterwards. Students must be experienced and competent in cattle artificial insemination; a minimum of 300-400 breeding services per year before taking the embryo transfer class.

Pharmaceuticals with an "Rx" listed next to them are for sale by prescription only. Please have a licensed veterinarian complete Agtech's Prescription form, fax or email it to us, before or along with your order. If you are a licensed veterinarian, you may fill out the form and send it to us. The FDA requires the form to be on file before we ship any prescription pharmaceutical to anyone.

Download the Prescription Form

Yes, our powerful new website is fully capable of international order completion. In fact, it will even calculate your shipping PLUS duty and taxes so you can make a single payment and your products arrive at your doorstep, allowing you to avoid a trip to the local customs office!