Ovum Pickup

Agtech’s intensive 2-day course in ovum pick-up (OPU) provides you with a foundation of knowledge and hands-on skills for successful implementation of oocyte aspiration and lab techniques within your own dairy or beef herd, or if you plan to offer OPU services to your clients.

2022 Class Dates

  • September 26 - 27
  • October 17 - 18

Class is from 8:30am – 5pm daily and a list of suggested hotels will be provided upon registration receipt. Manhattan’s regional airport (MHK) offers daily direct jet service to/from Chicago (ORD) and Dallas (DFW) airports via American Airlines. Agtech’s training center is conveniently located 15 minutes from Manhattan’s airport.

Course Highlights

Classroom : 20% of the workshop hours focus on theory and facts of OPU / IVF including:

  • Physiological aspects of OPU/IVF
  • Techniques / tips for successful OPU
  • Equipment selection
  • Equipment troubleshooting

Hands-On : 80% of the workshop time is dedicated to practical, hands-on training which consists of:

  • Proper equipment assembly
  • Equipment troubleshooting and testing
  • Correct positioning of the ovary and follicles during aspiration
  • Oocyte searching and grading, extraction, washing / preparing oocytes (COCs) for shipment to the IVF lab for in-vitro maturation

Agtech’s OPU class is structured to accommodate individuals and teams. Many OPU service providers operate “solo,” performing aspirations while also performing the laboratory scope work. There are also many OPU service providers operating as a team with one person specialized in aspiration, while the other specializes in the laboratory tasks (searching, grading, and extracting COCs, and packing them in an incubator for transit to the IVF lab).

NOTE: All instruction is conducted inside Agtech’s climate-controlled Reproduction Education Center in Manhattan, Kansas.


Tuition is due 45 days prior to start of class and includes all materials for the course and lunch each day. Upon completion of the course, each paid tuition receives an account credit of $500 to spend on IVF Bioscience media, WTA products, and Agtech-brand consumables.

For your flexibility, we offer the following two enrollment options. Please check the box to indicate your selection.

Option-A: $2995 includes training one person in both aspiration and lab techniques

Option-B: $2995 includes training one person in aspiration, and an accompanying 2nd person in lab techniques

Note:  OPU lab best-practices are taught at Agtech during day-2 of the course, while aspiration lecture and hands-on practice occurs throughout both days of the course.

Class Size

Limited to 4 aspiration students &/or 4 lab students maximum (3 minimum)

Previous Experience

Cattle AI and/or ovary palpation experience is beneficial but not required. Ultrasound systems and probes are provided, however if you already own a system, you are encouraged to bring and use it during class. Please contact Agtech 2-3 weeks before class to provide Dr. Dayan with information about your ultrasound system.

About the InstructorS

The OPU workshop instructor is Dr. André Dayan who holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University Paulista (Brazil, 1994) and a master's degree in Biotechnology Applied to Animal Reproduction, earned from the Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (Brazil, 2008). Dr. Dayan has been a featured presenter on OPU multiple times at annual meetings of the International Embryo Technology Society and the American Embryo Transfer Association.

The lab portion of Agtech’s OPU workshop is taught by Ms. Adaya Aroyo, MSc, Laboratory Director for the IVF service company Maxximilk, USA. Ms. Aroyo has worked worldwide as a bovine in-vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory manager for more than 20 years. She is an expert at training local staff to successfully run their own IVF laboratories while effectively implementing protocols of good laboratory practices.

IVF Lab Services

Maxximilk company is prepared to accept and process your oocytes! The instruction and supervision which you receive in this course by Dr. Dyan during aspiration, and by lab director Adaya Aroyo during oocyte searching, grading, extraction, washing, and thermal packaging allows you to achieve Maxximilk’s highest quality control standards while preparing oocytes for transport to the IVF lab.

Exclusive Offer

OPU students receive a 10% discount on Maxximilk’s IVF embryo production services, plus referral contact information of clients in your area seeking OPU services. Attending Agtech’s OPU class does not obligate you to use Maxximilk for IVF services.

Notice of COVID-19 Policy for Agtech Workshops

As part of our continued commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and training center, Agtech is taking additional measures to protect staff and workshop attendees from potentially contracting or spreading COVID-19.  

If you are registered for a class, then no less than 2 days before class begins you must email ONE of the following two documents to records@agtechinc.com.  

(1) CERTIFICATE of COVID-19 Vaccination : No less than 2 days before class begins, email a clear photo (or scanned copy) of your C.D.C. COVID-19 vaccination certificate indicating you are up-to-date with your Covid-19 vaccinations to records@agtechinc.com.

  • You are considered up-to-date when you have received all doses in the COVID-19 primary series plus all boosters recommended for you, when eligible. This CDC link provides specific detail.

(2) CERTIFICATE of Negative COVID-19 PCR Test : No less than 2 days before class begins, email a clear photo (or scanned copy) of your lab-confirmed, negative PCR COVID-19 test result to records@agtechinc.com, with the test taken no more than 3 days before class begins. Example: Test Friday, email negative certificate Friday or Saturday, class begins Monday. If the PCR test result sent to us 2 days before class is positive, enrollment rolls to the next available class date which works for the student and Agtech. Fees are not refundable.

  • Self-administered “home” antigen test kit results are not acceptable to meet requirement (2) listed above ; your test result must be from a PCR test.

CONFIRM:  Please email records@agtechinc.com several days before class to obtain confirmation that Agtech received your certificate.

Please understand that failure to provide the requested documentation timely will result in cancellation of your registration and no tuition refund.

Please agree above to join a class