Fall Breeding Season Checklist!

By Agtech on November 21, 2019

Gestation and breeding calendars show that fall breeding season is here. Folks are busy planning for those early September calves.

You’ve planned synchronization, mating decisions, facility use and labor resources, but what about the critical breeding equipment used to create these pregnancies?

Perhaps this small checklist of items will make the beginning of your time in the breeding barn a little more efficient:

  1. Test run your semen thaw units. Fill them with cold water, evaluate their temperature and performance for several hours.
  2. Take inventory of critical consumables like sheaths, breeding sleeves and lube.
  3. Inspect your breeding guns. Discard ones with bent stylets  or barrels, and ones that show other signs of excessive wear. Damaged guns can be hard to use, hard to load and have the potential to slow up the entire breeding process. Make sure to have at least one extra gun on hand.

If you are looking to upgrade your breeding guns, Agtech proudly distributes an extraordinary new breeding gun manufactured by WTA. In our opinion it’s by far the best breeding rod on the market. We encourage you to check them out HERE.

These guns come in a variety of colors which is incredibly handy when using multiple sires on a large breeding project.